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By Jackie Wattles – CNNMoney.

Congratulations! You just won the $450 million lottery jackpot! Now what? Good question. We talked to CNNMoney reporter Jackie Wattles after a 20-year old Florida man won the enormous MegaMillions grand prize. What do you do first after a win that size, or for that matter, after any large financial windfall? The young Florida lottery winner showed good common sense. The first thing he did was see an attorney to get his estate planning in order. If you are ever so lucky as to win or inherit a large sum, take it slow. Don’t be rushed into quick decisions. Hire competent advisors who can spell out your options, help you explore the pros and cons of each decision, and protect you from people a little too interested in your newly-found wealth. (Read the full article here)

12 Jan, 18