AFA Advantage Portfolios

Our affordable solution when you are looking for investment management expertise without the cost of add-on financial planning services.

Our online investment advice platform builds, monitors and rebalances your portfolio using low cost ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) with no additional transaction or other program fees.

After determining your investment objectives, risk tolerance, and investment strategy, AFA designs and monitors a model portfolio for you, selecting from over 450 ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) in 28 different asset classes and a cash allocation, all of which are available with no transaction or other program fees. Going forward, your portfolio is managed on a discretionary basis through automated rebalancing using the Schwab Institutional Intelligent Portfolios™ platform.

Recommended for individuals who:

  • want professional and cost-effective portfolio management without the expense of add-on financial planning services
  • are comfortable with an online portfolio interface
  • want the low cost advantages of an ETF (Exchange-Traded Fund) portfolio but with broad diversification and a strategy tailored to their individual needs
  • are seeking automatic and ongoing portfolio monitoring and rebalancing as the investment environment evolves

AFA Advantage Fee Schedule:

The annual fee is based upon the value of your investment portfolios managed using AFA’s Advantage portfolio service, using the following fee schedule:

  • 0.50% of managed assets per year (a low 0.125% per quarter).
  • Minimum fee of $125 per quarter.

For additional information about any of our services, please contact our office or consult our firm’s Form ADV.

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