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We work with clients in Florida, in other states across the country, and even some who reside abroad. They all have something in common. They all want an advisor they can trust; someone whose advice is not colored by commission payments or conflicts of interest. They are seeking someone to educate them about their financial options and map out a financial roadmap, so they can build a rewarding and secure life for themselves and their loved ones. Here are some profiles of our typical clients:

Aging but active

Angie* is in her late 70s, but she’s busier than most people twenty years younger. When she retired, she needed help transitioning her portfolio from one building long-term growth to one delivering steady, monthly income. We discussed how much she could safely withdraw from her portfolio each month, and set up automatic-deposits into her checking account. Each year, we monitor taking Required Minimum Distributions from her IRA and coordinate her taxes with her CPA. This year, we talked about setting up a Trust so her affairs are properly taken care of, even if she steps down from taking an active role. Oh, and that high cost annuity she purchased years ago? We helped her exchange that tax-free for a low-cost, no-commission replacement, giving her better investment options and saving her thousands on fees.

Planning together, yet apart

Kimberly* runs her own successful consulting business. Roger,* her significant other, works at a nearby company. Both have kids from a previous marriage. They’re looking forward to working less and enjoying life more. Although they’re working toward the same goal, they have two very different ways of doing things, and often it’s a case of planning for “yours, mine and ours” in this Modern Family. As an entrepreneur, she needs a totally different retirement savings strategy than he does. Here’s the challenge: get all the kids through college and grad school, sort out the blended family’s estate planning concerns, and still get the parents to the retirement finish line (on time).

Women in Transition

Eileen* has recently divorced and she’s struggling to make a new start. She needs to sell her home and find something less expensive, and we’re working together to explore how much she should spend on a new home. Should she get a mortgage, and if so, how big? The divorce has set her back financially, so we need to determine what level of savings it will take to get her back on track. That may mean working with her on her cash flow to reduce overall expenses, and she’ll need guidance on the best way to save and invest. And by the way, she needs a new car; would we suggest buying or leasing?

Small Business Owner Playing “Catch-Up”

Brandon* is a single small business owner with several employees. He’s been focused on building his business for so long that he’s behind the curve in saving for retirement. Now that his business is taking off, he’s ready and willing to play catch up. Good news! We can help Brandon set up a 401(k) retirement plan to improve employee retention, trim his tax bill, and contribute thousands of dollars (tax-deductible!) to his own retirement fund.

Corporate Executive

Greg* is a high-level executive in his 50s with a Fortune 500 company. Now that the kids are out of the house, he and his wife Lisa* are seriously preparing for retirement. We’re helping them invest excess cash holdings in a long-term, growth oriented portfolio so they can build their assets. By reviewing his 401(k) and other executive benefits like company stock, options and deferred compensation, we can make sure Greg maximizes all his resources. Greg and Lisa have a great handle on their spending (that’s one of the most important predictors of retirement success, by the way) but need to update their estate planning documents. Our retirement projections help ensure that their money will last throughout a long retirement; if there’s a shortfall, we’ll work with Greg and Lisa to beef up their savings from now until retirement. There’s no time to waste; almost half of all Americans end up quitting work earlier than planned due to health concerns.

Young Professionals Building Wealth

Seth* and Marjorie* have two small children and want to save for their college education. We worked with them to set up college 529 investment plans, which let their contributions grow free of tax and put their future contributions on auto-pilot. With that done, we discussed paying down their graduate school loans and got them started funding their Roth IRAs each year. Roths can do double-duty as emergency savings and tax-free retirement accounts, and they’re a great move for young savers.

*Client names and details have been changed to protect their privacy.

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